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Subject: [Leica] Toning in Photoshop: PAW 13
From: aaron.sandler at (Aaron Sandler)
Date: Wed Mar 31 08:06:08 2004
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Hi George,

Thanks for your reply.  I agree with your assessment of the second 
image.  I think the second step of toning the highlights returned balance 
to the overly-toned sepia version and allows a nice contrast between the 
neighboring darks and lights.

I started working on the third image (the street scene) for printing.  I'm 
using a stock 2200 with the matte black cartridge on Epson Enhanced Matte 
paper for the proofing.  I'm planning on Hanemuhle Photorag for the 
final.  My digital darkroom setup is less than a week old and this is 
actually the first image I'm working on with my scanner and printer, so 
I've been playing with different ways of printing.  For this image I'm 
liking split-toning all inks best, greyscale black only second-best, 
greyscale all inks third.  The differences are subtle, but they're 
definitely there.  I also tried using some PS duotones, but those didn't 
look at all good.  I'll probably need to experiment more with those, 
because I know others have done well with them.

I'm also working on another image for printing, which seems like it looks 
best using black only printing, so I guess which method I use will depend a 
lot on the image.

I have no experience using any other inksets, as I'm just starting with 
digiprinting.  What do you use?


At 06:41 PM 3/29/2004, you wrote:

>Aaron Sandler writes:
>  > [...]  I haven't printed any of them
>  > out yet, but I'm pretty pleased with the on-screen results.
>  > [...]
>Hi Aaron,
>Thanks for posting these images, they've started a good conversation.
>I particularly like the split-toning effect on the middle image, it's
>ok in the third, and less effective in the first.  I think that what I
>like in the second image is the juxtaposition of the two tones caused
>by the darker post on the lighter wall.  There's a similar effect in
>the final image.  The first image seems to have large areas that are a
>similar density and end up similarly toned, so it strike me as much.
>Are you planning to print these using a color inkset (e.g. on a epson
>2200 w/ it's Ultrachrome inks), or a toned monochrome set (e.g. MIS'
>UT2 or UT7 set)?

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