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Subject: [Leica] More RD-1 news
From: bdcolen at (B. D. Colen)
Date: Sun Mar 28 05:57:23 2004

No...Most of the NW options have been lousy, because they have been
nothing more than the equivalent of the PS straight conversion to
grayscale. What I was assuming - and it might be silly to assume it -
was that Leica would provide a much more sophisticated set of in-camera
conversions, the equivalent of some of the plug-ins now available that
really do provide bw equivalents...

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On 3/27/04 12:46 PM, "Adam Bridge" <> wrote:

> On Saturday, March 27, 2004 B. D. Colen thoughtfully wrote:
>> First off, one of the glories of digital is that every single shot is

>> both color and monochrome. ;-) Second off, it should be possible to 
>> have the monochrome option in the firmware. If they develop the write

>> algorithms, having the b&w, bw-green, bw-red, bw-yellow  built into 
>> the camera could be wonderful. Carry around a pile of filters? Why?
> Aaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh!
> NO, B. D., it's NOT the same. Because IF you're not shooting onto a 
> color sensor you can either have MORE sensors for a higher pixel 
> density OR you can larger sensors for a better signal:noise ratio. 
> Otherwise you're letting the firmware of the camera play Hobb by 
> attempting to make a monochrome image from various parts of red and 
> green and blue.
> It's not the same thing at all. Why shoot with black and white film at

> all then? Why not just shoot color? But we DO shoot black and white. 
> But even this isn't as great a difference as between a digital color 
> and a digital monochrome sensor.
> When the color sensors are of sufficient density and the SNR is up to 
> par then I'll relax this. But it's damn clear that Leica ain't likely 
> to have access to anything that's remotely close.
> So why shouldn't I ask for something that makes a lot of sense? Using 
> an M to me means shooting in available light without flash. And all 
> those fabulously expensive pieces of glass that Leica makes are there 
> to make it even more possible.
> So why shouldn't Leica make a camera that exploits these features like

> no other camera can - that uses all the system's capabilities so that,

> by golly, you can
> shoot at ASA 3200 or even higher and  have a SNR like that of the best
> cameras at, say 1600 (thinking of 1Ds and its CMOS sensor).
> Leica is a niche market. If they can figure out how to deal with the 
> process in order to make it happen then there will be a reason to 
> consider investing in Leica.
> We're seeing an increase in interest in black and white portraiture. 
> Why not a camera that does it superbly?
> Adam Bridge
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When the first D nikon cameras came out they all had monochrome modes.
D1X I think. I often wondered about this. Would this make for better
monochrome shooting really? Adam seems to be saying so. Shame that
option is not there now on the nikons and yes this is a consideration
I'd expect Leica to take more seriously. For shooting in Paris and all.
Although I've had a long commetm3ent to black and white now find myself
shooting more color. I de saturate a lot. Or completely de saturate. Or
in effect "filter" not having to have that stuff with me and on my lens.
I shoot NPZ 800 a lot and have large scans made from the whole roll and
put on a CD. I can then listen to them with headphones so as to not
disturb anybody. This weekend I might get an ls-5000 and soon be able to
feed a whole uncut roll in turning in effect all my film cameras in to
digital ones.

Would a specialized monochrome CCD really do monochrome better as seems
to be said above?

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon


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