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Subject: [Leica] My Brush With Paris Hilton
From: SonC at (
Date: Fri Mar 26 21:23:13 2004

Great story, thanks for the mention!
In a message dated 3/26/2004 8:34:42 PM Pacific Standard Time, writes:


While returning from a Florida vacation, we stopped at a  Cracker Barrel  
restaurant in Ocala, Florida to buy some pink  flamingo salt and pepper  
shakers (don't ask why).  We noticed a  couple of oddly dressed young  
women buying lots of stuff.  It  turns out that these characters were  
socialites Paris Hilton and  Nicole Richie, the last people you would  
expect to see in Florida,  much less in a Cracker Barrel.  They were in  
the area taping  their latest reality series (see second link below).

I ran to the car  to grab a camera, trying to determine which one to  
use.  My  first impulse was my "paparazzi" Canon D60 DSLR, but thought  
this  would draw too much attention and set me up as a pro.  I really   
wanted one of the Leica M's but they had the wrong film/' lenses   
mounted for a low light shoot and I knew time was tight.  So I  grabbed  
the LC-5 Lika Leica.  Unfortunately, in the excitement,  I forgot to  
cancel the flash and drew quick attention from Paris'  bodyguard.  He  
sid I had taken enough photos before I could  get any facial shots.  I  
disagreed, but given his size and  attitude I kept the disagreement to  
myself and backed off.   They left in the pink pickup with silver  
Airstream noted in the news  article below.

Its interesting how your thinking clouds in a fast  situation like this.  
In retrospect I should have: (1) Had a  camera on my person from the  
onset (as per Sonny; (2))Cancelled the  flash; (3)Walked away after  
being confronted by the bodyguard but  slipped around for a longer shot  
(or shot her as she came out the  door) (4) Got a shot of the truck/  
trailer, preferably with her  driving it. (5)Paid more attention to the  
composition of the shots I  did  get.


News  article:  

Rob  McClure

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