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Subject: Re: [Leica] epson digital RF report pages
From: Sam <>
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2004 19:52:18 -0500
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A time will come when digital cameras will serve a real need, but that 
time is not yet. I agree, 8 bits led to much greater, and useful, 
computers. My point is that there is a space between conception and 
realisation that is ripe for fad and novelty. We are going through it 
now. Now really, does it make sense for people who shoot 20 or 30 frames 
a week to talk about "work flow"???

Sam S

Dan C wrote:

>The 8-bit home computers led directly to the multi giga-hertz 32 bit ( and
>soon to become 64 bit) home computers that we have today.  Pac Man led to
>the incredably complex games available today, along with software such as
>Photoshop.   They didn't lead back towards abacii or slide rules.   Nor
>will film cameras make a comeback among the people who benefit from them
>(and this includes both pros and the happy snapper amateur).
>At 06:29 PM 11-03-04 -0500, Sam wrote:
>>No, I'm saying we are going through a period in which just about 
>>everyone believes they need a digital camera, and if they had one so 
>>many things would be done better. Even those people who are forced to 
>>use digital because it's been imposed on them by bosses are merely being 
>>compelled by the forces of whim. If getting more pictures faster is 
>>important to a news outlet (for example), why the hell is the news 85% 
>>nonessential garbage? Are there any signs that digital has improved 
>>anything? None. To the vast majority it's a novelty made to appear like 
>>a need. It's much like when the first 8 bit home computers became 
>>available. How much serious work was done on Atari 800s and Commodore 
>>64s? Not much, but they were made to sound as if your whole life would 
>>be dramatically changed. Instead of dramatic change we got Pac Man.
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