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Subject: Re: [Leica] Don't you ever print anything?!
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 10:04:46 -0500
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Having just started to do some color with the Kodak 14n, arguably the next best
thing to film in terms of resolution and range, the only advantage I have been
able to identify for digital is not having some dingbat at a lab scratch/gunk
up/ruin my negatives.  That seems to be happening with alarming frequency.

Otherwise, Sam is right - prints are expensive - I take my files to a Frontier
lab and have them printed on the minilab or I print them myself - and in
neither instance is there any expense saved.  In fact, when you factor in the
huge cost of the equipment, there is no savings at all.

Black and white work - while suitable for doing on a high-res, full-frame
camera, because you have resolution to burn - is impractical because black and
grey ink on a per 8x10 basis is more expensive than photo paper and chemicals.

If Kodak wants to make an inroads somewhere, how about economical inkjet inks
and paper?!

Quoting Kyle Cassidy <>:

> Sam asked:
> >Which brings me to the meandering of the the digital "I can shoot all 
> >day for free if I shoot digital" crowd. Film is a small part of the cost 
> >of print making. Don't you people ever print out anything? Or is there 
> >anything worth printing when you shoot with dollar signs obscuring your 
> >eyes? Or haven't you noticed that a nice jet ink print printed on good 
> >paper with obscenely expensive inks (a recent magazine estimated the 
> >cost of Epson inks at $99.00 a pound) cost more than a conventional print?
> For me, at least, MOST if not nearly all of the printing costs are now born
> by the consumer. I put things in my portfolio, and for that I pay for
> printing, and occasionally I yank something off the wall and replace it with
> something else. But for the most part, I rarely have anything printed. And
> when I do, the printers would just as soon see a digital file that I've
> already dodged and burned, than a negative and a sheet of instructions.
> Kc
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