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Subject: Re: [Leica] Ted is nearly 75
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 15:15:56 -0800
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Oliver Bryk said wisely:
Subject: [Leica] Ted is nearly 75

> Having passed the 3/4 of a century mark a few months ago, I recognize the
> importance of keeping active in a variety of interests among which
> photography and the LUG rank high.<<<

Hi Olivier,
There's an American doctor I ran across who's 87 and still involved in
medical research and his philosophy is.... "If you don't stay busy, you
die!" He's really incredible.

He's up at 4.30 and in his office sharply at 7 a.m, then puts in a full 8
hour day!! Now that's what I call "keeping busy at 87!" :-) The bottom line
is.......... he loves doing what he does and sees absolutely no reason why
he should stop. Besides he says, "If I stop being busy I shall surely die!
So why stop?" :-) Besides lots of thing to learn yet!

I absolutely agree with him whole heartedly, keep busy and live. :-)  Stop
and die! :-(  Like what's so hard to understand about that? :-) Jeeeeeeesh
though some days you feel like  you're horizontal and non-breathing. ;-)
Well Ok sort of.;-)

My very good fortune is, I've never worked in my life! Yep true! Work is
moving concrete blocks, digging ditches and whatever it is folks do who are
not so wrapped in their profession that it's pure magic to be involved
constantly. Because every day is new! The hours change, the countries and
languages change! The film is different, the challenge of the assignment or
photo project is different. And it surely never becomes boring!!!!!!!! And
now it's learning a whole new way to record what motivates us to shoot...
digital. Now's a hell of a time to even contemplate slowing down or

Sure there are days when I feel like a truck ran over me, backed-up and did
it again. But I suppose that's normal for an old fart. However, the moment
I realize I'm shooting something interesting I'm like an old fire - horse at
the sound of the Fire alarm bell!

Out the door and on the run. The adrenalin flowing like a gushing oil well
blow out. ;-) Damn it's wonderful. :-)

I'm always pleased to learn there's a bunch of other "old timers" here who
find photography a youthful endeavor at keeping them on the move, spry and
youthful in thought and mind. Damn it's a wonderful thing this photography
for all of us, young and old no matter whether its film or digital. Right
now I intend on doing it for a hell of a long time yet. Think positive about
having a good time with this as it's always been fun! :-) Damn I love it so.

Besides good old Marc James Small who started this yesterday by giving away
many of my "life secrets"... ;-) isn't quite here yet, so I've got to hang
around so I can harass the hell out of him when he's got 3/4's of a century
in. ;-)

So lads and lasses stay busy and drive the statistic people absolutely crazy
because we're still hanging out kicking ass! :-)


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