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Subject: Re: [Leica] digital in low light
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 18:27:58 -0800

On 1/31/04 2:59 PM, "animal" <> wrote:

> Hi from what i read every where,a 10+megapixel camera will do better
> resolution wise then a slow film.
> Do any of you know of a link or publication   that explains at what iso the
> crossover is to 35mm,s film better performance.
> A  friend of mine who does pro sport showed me some low light stuff made
> with his top Canon and it was allmost scary.
> Please tell me there is some use left in my Noctilux.
> Thanks
> simon jessurun
> p.s not that i will ever sell it or the M3 that was adjusted for it
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This turned out to be a nice thread but above is the original question.
Simon is asking for links and publications as to where the cross over might
be as to when to switch from film to digital or the other way around.
terms of light levels. And the personal experience of others, (he's seen
some impressive results from a friend) so that would be nice too.

But I strongly feel that Simon has to take up his Noctilux and load his
favorite fastest film into his dedicated M3 body and have the film handled
in the way he likes to have it handled in the soup du jour he likes best.
And print it at the size he tends to print of have it printed.
Make some bigger ones if that is sometimes the case.
And shoot at the same time the same subject with his or rented DSLR and
print that close to the size of his film prints if he's not into a groove on
(Inkjetting tends to be bigger that most peoples prints which tends to be
4x6's and are therefore it seems to me much more demanding)

I think the whole process, the whole workflo has to be done in the real
world real time. 
Links and discussions and publications don't cut the mustard.
The proof is the pudding. Hands on stuff needs to be done by oneself.
You can't eat pudding on the internet.
The pixels make it come out too gritty.
I'm dreaming of RGB tapioca...!

Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon

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