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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: digital Leica (WAS Beth Keiser Shoots B&W 4x5 ForCampaign Coverage)
From: Michiel Fokkema <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2004 12:45:01 +0100
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I couldn't agree more with Nathan. For me also the EVF is a drawback. I 
use Leica's especially for the outstanding VF of both the M and R8. As 
Nathan, I looked through the EVF of the Digilux 2, and believe me it has 
nothing to do with M or R VF's.
I also use Leica's for the outstanding quality of the lenses. The few 
  that were shown on the Leica forum a few day's ago made me expect the 
worst. I see severe barrel distortion what makes the camera for me 
almost unusable. I hope it has something to do with prototyping and that 
Leica will solve this in the real production.
In this case i must agree with B.D. Just because it has a red dot I seem 
to be the only one who sees the distortion. Paying that much money for 
an average digicam is outrageous.
I think that the digital technology has not yet fully matured. This 
implies that any digicam you buy now will be outdated within, at the 
most, two years. For me therefore a long live robust build quality is 
not nescecary yet. If I'm going to buy a digicam in the near future it 
will be the panasonic or an Olympus or Sony. When the digital technology 
has matured I'll probably go for the quality build of whatever Leica is 
available by then. I hope the R digiback will give that quality. With 
the digiback I'm sure I will have at least the same optical quality as 
with film.

Best regards,

Michiel Fokkema

Nathan Wajsman wrote:

> Mark,
> I own six Leica bodies (2 CL, M6, M7, R8, SL) and 5 R lenses and a total
> of 7 M/CL lenses, 4 of which are Leica. So my devotion to and investment
> in the brand is beyond question. The only 35mm non-Leica I own is a
> Voigtlander Bessa R2 which plays third violin in my M outfit. I am
> willing  to spend outrageous amounts on new Leica lenses because I enjoy
> using them and I can see the difference in my negatives and slides.
> But...when it comes to digital, it is a different story. I have no
> overriding need for it but have been thinking of getting a digicam to
> have my own experience and make my own assessment. If I were to buy a
> digicam, it would have to be light, the size of an M, so I am not
> interested in a DSLR. When the Digilux 2 was announced, I was not scared
> of the price; I was prepared to accept that if I wanted Leica quality in
> the digital world I would need to pay a higher price than for a Canon or
> Olympus. But when I handled the Digilux 2 I concluded that Leica had
> missed the boat. They are asking several hundred Euro more than Canon or
> Olympus are charging for the comparable G5 and 5060W models, and what do
> you get for this? A Leica lens, OK, and somewhat better handling. But
> for me to pay this kind of price difference for a digital Leica I would
> need to see more of Leica's strong points in the camera. Specifically, I
> would want an optical viewfinder, coupled to the focusing mechanism, and
> of a quality at least comparable to that on my CLs. Instead, I get a
> garish electronic viewfinder which I found totally impossible to use for
> any fast action.
> So, in this case I agree with BD: for your extra $1000 you get a
> slightly better lens, the red dot and not much more. 
> I am sticking to film for now.
> Nathan
> Mark Rabiner wrote:
>>You've decided not to go Leica in your digital choices BD. And so have
>>others. And I do some digital nikon. But the digital options Leica has are
>>viable and it would seem to make sense that there would be some on the lug
>>who have been picking those options as this is the Leica users group and
>>people come here to talk about the Leica products theyıve chosen to make
>>pictures with.
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