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Subject: Re: [Leica] film & the early disasters of digital. :-(
From: "Slobodan Dimitrov" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2003 19:12:50 -0800

Check the internet for retrieval software before you do anything else. Often
times, all is_not_lost.
Slobodan Dimitrov

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>From: Ted Grant <>
>Subject: [Leica] film & the early disasters of digital. :-(
>Date: Tue, Oct 28, 2003, 6:44 PM

> Hi Guys and Gals,
> Why is it that I doubt very much I'll ever become a truly all digital
> photographer?
> Well maybe the photographer part I might make, but it's the "after what you
> do with it" when you think you've downloaded the pictures to your computer
> where it all falls apart "VERY BIG TIME" that's the killer. :-(
> Today I ventured out for the afternoon fighting what felt like a force 10
> wind, I believe 10 is a good one, certainly felt like it as I leaned hard on
> posts to stabilize myself while shooting along the water front to keep from
> being blown away.
> Damn I had what looked like really neat stuff shot R8 & slide film with the
> 21-35 lens and 80-200 with most done on the digi cam. Some nice imagery for
> comparison after the film was processed tomorrow I thought .
> However! I bet you already know what's coming, right? :-(
> Memory card is plugged into card reader, stuff comes up on screen, some
> place else it says download card. I click that and little lights flash, then
> it's supposed to be over. Right? Well it looked like it was over.
> Then of course it's clean the memory card for the next go around. Right?
> Yeah well I saw them all there on the screen so that meant they were down
> loaded. Right?
> Yeah well not exactly..... :-( That was the images still in the memory card
> and not yet transferred! OOPS! Damn~!  Well I saw stuff I knew was already
> in the machine so why wouldn't this mean everything else that showed of
> today's shooting wasn't  in the machine?
> But what I didn't know was the old stuff hadn't been deleted earlier so the
> memory card is still loaded with the old along with today's shoot.  Now you
> really know what's coming. Right!  So I hit select all delete and every
> frame of near 100 images from this afternoon are now some where on the way
> to the dark side of the moon! ;-(
> Damn digital, some how I think I'll just do my same old thing and shoot
> film, at least I usually get the stuff back from the colour lab.  :-(
> So today is written off as one of those "empty camera shoots," you know the
> kind when you burned so many beautiful images into the pressure plate you'd
> be a millionaire if you could only recover them.;-)
> Oh well what the hell, tomorrow's another day along the learning curve. But
> dang I know there was some neat stuff as I'd looked a couple of times at
> that dinky little camera screen! Dang!
> ted
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