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Subject: Re: Re[3]: [Leica] Annie Leibovitz
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 21:42:52 -0800
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Sonny Carter asked:
Subject: Re[3]: [Leica] Annie Leibovitz

> Amazing Post.  From my point of view, stealth posting, no Name.  Also hard
> to figure out what the hell you are saying from your stealth position.
> I must be too damn shallow to understand you. Are you saying everyone
> should love Annie?  Or do exactly what she does?  Or throw our Leicas
> in the river?  'fes up! tell us what the hell you really mean.<<<

Thanks as I'd started a post to "whomever this person is" and trashed it.
Damn I hate it when people who are anonymous when they post with some dumb
ass name or number. Particularly when they're on a rant.

Yep and I can't understand what he / she is trying to say either and whether
it's good, bad or ugly.

But one thing not  addressed is.... Annie wouldn't be as "famous as she is"
if it weren't for the magazines whom she shoot for who opened the doors to
the Big Name people she photographed.

Quite simply, big name mag wants to do publicity story... Big Name publicity
seeker says yes!

Annie comes up with weird idea, asks publicity seekers to do weird things
and dress outlandishly, they co-operate and she makes her name off them
doing it and being published in Rolling Stone and or whatever big name

If they were ordinary John and Mary folks we may never have heard of her.

Anyway a name from Leica whomever would be nice. Thank you whomever.
Ted Grant Photography Limited

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