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Subject: Re: [Leica] m7...good or not?
From: Roy Gumpel <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 12:18:14 -0500

thanks for the answer.
Even when I had an m6 for awhile, I was wishing it had AE.
I got involved with the Hexar Rf for awhile there, and it was a major 
ngihtmare, because I thought that my lenses would Work on it, as 
opposed to just Fitting on it.
My m4 is one that when I walk down the street in the city and Japanese 
guys see it, they want to buy it right there. It has so much of the 
black paint rubbed off it. the brass looks so classic. I have a feeling 
I could get 2 m6's if I sell the m4.  It's time for Leica to copy the 
Hexar I think. Same size...with the built in  winder. Crazy.

roy g
On Monday, October 27, 2003, at 11:56  AM, Daniel Ridings wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Roy Gumpel wrote:
>> motor drive on AE for much of my assignments. It's so easy and quick.
>> How much do you have spend now on the m7?
>> thanks gents.
> Well, Roy ... you'll have to sell your M4 (to me) ... :)
> Seriously, I wouldn't know. I too use F3's for a lot of things and M4 
> and
> M2 for a lot of things. From what I've understood, the M4 is not a bad
> Leica. Pick up an M7 only if you can avoid trading in the M4 as part of
> the deal.
> Daniel Ridings
>> roy g
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