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Subject: Re: [Leica] to crop or not to crop
From: "Sonny Carter" <>
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 16:37:49 -0500
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Liam  wrote:

> I confess - I hate cropping my photos. In fact, I
> almost never do it. I know, I know, I'll never make it
> as a photographer if I don't crop - I just don't like
> doing it.

(((Lots of times we are afraid of our own judgement in such matters.  Having
a community  of photographers (like the Leica IRC)  who will advise you
helps.  Nice also to have worked under a ruthless photo editor.)))

> I have this idea that cropping somehow takes
> away from the purity of the moment I captured in the
> viewfinder.

(((((Lots of times, and I have expressed this before, I see the shot I
really want in the viewfinder, but I have the wrong lens on at the time, and
I will miss the shot because I cannot get closer in time if I don't trip the
shutter right then.  The moment is pure, but but the shot isn't, hence I'll
make it conform to my vision later.))))

More sensible people would look at my work
> and find a way to crop (and improve)every single image
> in my portfolio.

(((((If you make soup by the recipe each time, it will always be the same
soup. That can be OK.  But sometimes I like to vary things, so I change the
ingedients a little bit here and there.   Think about this exercise.  Take a
shot that has lots of elements, and find just how many pictures are in that
one negative.  You might be surprised at what you get.  )))))

 But I argue that a good photographer
> learns to get better by printing full frame.

(((Yeah, and then marking the crops with a grease pencil.)))

> Anyone else feel this way?
> -Liam

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