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Subject: Re: [Leica] Kodak Focus now Apple v. Windows
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 20:30:11 -0700
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Nathan Wajsman wrote:
> Mark,
> Since 1987 I have worked for an electric utility in Tampa; for AT&T in New Jersey and in
> Europe; for Swiss Re in Zurich; as a self-employed consultant in Zurich; and now for a
> telecoms/internet company in the Netherlands and Spain. In those jobs I have had dealings with
> hundreds of customers, suppliers and business partners in Europe, North America and Asia.
> Every single one of them with one exception (a small consulting firm in Paris) used DOS and
> Windows-based computers. In the real world of business, outside some very specialized niches,
> Apple simply does not exist. Whether we like it or not is irrelevant. Windows is the de facto
> standard for the vast majority of the world's businesses.
> Nathan
When ever any of these business's get their image and advertizing act
together they are in a Mac movement. These are important billion dollar
fields. A movie film spends as much on this as on the film itself. My
hair dresser uses macs. So does my Lawyer! (which surprized me). I'm
seeing them in all not the obvious Mac places. Sure widows is OK to and
they've made inroads into the Mac creative fields as Photoshop by any
other name as well as other Adobe applications you need to make a
brochure. And the internet is a platform with out an obvious platform
and that playing field and that seems to be the main thing. Where the
platforms get along. What platforms to these palm pilots use? Nothing
that either Mac or IBM can gloat about from what i can gather. But they
all communicate. One can look at the figures at the amount of computers
Mac is making. Where are they all going to? They make more computers
than any single company in the woild. How long is the waiting list on
the burgeoning Mac 5s and how many times faster are than than the windows?

Mark Rabiner

Portland, Oregon USA
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