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Subject: Re: [Leica] Where are the engineers? was: New Macro-Adapter with other M lenses
From: Lucien <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 13:57:45 +0200

Le mercredi, 24 sep 2003, à 19:41 Europe/Brussels, a 
écrit :

> Lucien, I think you are again mistaken. In my post from yesterday, I 
> postulated that the new lens will have the same RF cam design as the 
> old 90 Elmar screw-mount and the thin Tele Elmarit 90/f2.8, which is a 
> cylinder. It will act on the cam follower in the eye attachment in the 
> same fashion that it acts on the RF wheel in the camera. It will have 
> the same bayonet pattern as the older 90TE. When mounted upside down 
> on the eye attachment, it will show the distance scale for the close 
> distances, and will act on the push-rod cam follower of the attachment 
> to move the camera body RF wheel.
> When mounted normally on the body it will show the distance scale from 
> 1m to infinity and will act directly on the RF wheel in the body just 
> as do the older lenses with a cylindrical cam.
> You are perhaps being mislead by thinking that the new lens will use a 
> push-rod cam mechanism.
> Regards, Paul Connet


I never said anything else.


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