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Subject: Re: [Leica] Week 3 with the Noct.
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 20:37:13 -0700
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Feli di Giorgio wrote:
> No, I didn't do a direct comparison shoot out. I don't shoot newspapers
> with my lenses.
> It's a judgment call from looking at a few prints and scans.
> feli
Feli if you're wondering why i got just a tad testy it's because it felt
wrong to me not in a small way…

Here is out very expensive special glass being…

The fact that i happen to be at odds with what is being said is not the point.
Or I try not to have it be.

I'm at odds with a DR. being subtly trashed with no back up.
Plenty of people thing the DR. is the cat's pajamas and would not find
this credible.

I'm at adds with Summicrons being considered soft by everyone and in
comparison to the Noct stopped down not that great.

I found both the Summicron during the same test and the Noct at F 11 to
be as good as it gets. My eyeball, loupe and slide projector lens gets.
F 1000th of a sec at F11 or 500th or F8 sometimes.

But i don't like the way it was tossed out there like it was a given. I
think people know you area a Leica expert and would take it too quickly
to heart. The gear suffers. Yes i do get carried away. The gear's rep.
suffer's. hows that folks.
Its straing how an expert on one part of a fiewlds will have his openion
reverred in other not so related sections.
A collector vs a shooter as in here.
Would a very very good collector know how well these things really
preform more than an average shooter?

I believe my opinion on the "Noct stopped" is backed up by Ted, Erwin
and others fairly handy to us who can confirm or deny it.

This to me is such an impressive statement:
> I really need to get a lens release button guard for my M2. With the 
> extra weight of the Noct a good accidental tap on the button WILL 
> release the lens!  It's not a problem on my M6TTL, because of the 
> guard, but I prefer the more accurate 50 framelines of the M2.

I think it helps to know what you've got even if you're not getting paid
to do it.
Does one get so much one doesn't care. I think so. That has happened to
me and happens now.
I just feel better the more accurate and "scientific" I am about
evaluating and comparing stuff.
So I just know I'm not passing off gasps.

Mark Rabiner
Portland, Oregon USA
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