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Subject: Re: [Leica] Xtol dilutions
From: Rei Shinozuka <>
Date: Sun, 7 Sep 2003 20:12:33 -0400
References: <000c01c37560$22850900$6401a8c0@dorysrusp4> <>

i just finished off my 5 liters of xtol, mixed at the beginning of 
april 2003.  all used 1+3.  i do use distilled water and usually go over
the 100ml per roll amount; for example, 600 ml for 5 rolls.

i tend to prefer the conventional (non-tabular film) except for delta 3200.

when mixing my latest batch today, i noticed that the latest packages
don't turn pink and blue as you add part A and part B as i remebered they 
used to.

- -rei

On Sun, Sep 07, 2003 at 12:26:24PM -0700, Mark Rabiner wrote:
> Don Dory wrote:
> > 
> > And for those of the list members into PMK Rei's suggestion works with
> > PMK as well.
> > 
> > here's a trick i use to get a lot of developer in a small tank.
> > i mix up twice the volume of the tank, and during the agitation
> > period corresponding to the middle to the development time, (or
> > the one before that if it does not fall in the middle,).  it may
> > not be excatly the same as using a giant tank and all the developer
> > at once, but it generally seems to work well for me.  i have no
> > problem using 1+3 even with films like delta 3200.
> > 
> > i haven't used TMAX, because lately i've been on an ilford diet
> > (with the exception of Neopan1600) but the i've been on a bulk-loading
> > binge
> > lately and you can get TMZ  in 100' rolls...
> > 
> > -rei
> > 
> If i was going to let Xtol sit for over an hour diluted 1:3 I'd go out
> and get some fancy water and change my will.
> Which ever comes first.
> Don I honesty think your water works but ours may not. And yours may not
> on Tuesdays when they clean the system sub pipes.
> They tell you with emphases on oxidation problems with ascorbic  acid
> being about the only problem.
> Don't let it sit. It dies when it sits.
> Woof!
> Its yours to do or Die-lute!
> Mark Rabiner
> Portland, Oregon USA
> T-Max 400 in Xtol i hear and have seen is a killer. (A good one) I
> gesssed the 8x10's I saw were Tmax 100 in rodinal 1: 50 or 1:75.
> I've not done much with the 3200/1600 in Xtol.
> I do feel that with Xtol it matters less which film you use it seems to
> make them all at least usable if not great.
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Rei Shinozuka
Ridgewood, New Jersey

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