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Subject: [Leica] Hermes M7-- Is it real?
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2003 23:53:17 -0400


Have any of you seen the picture of the Hermes Leica M7 as shown on

Photo-Net Leica?

I suspect that it is a Photoshop construct, since no one on the LUG has

made mention of it.

Wadda ya think?


Nope, not a construct, its real.

 I posted it and I got it from a disk handed to me by my Leica rep. It isn't an M7 is an MP I believe.

It will be out in October and will cost $8500 (OUCH!!!) It is nice looking though...and they will only make 500. 

Not saying I'm for or against it, but I think it is smart and that they will sell out. If Hermes can get $5k for a purse then why not $8k for a camera? If it helps keep Leica afloat it does no harm.

Contrary to what I see posted all the time, I have never had a problem selling out of commemorative edition Leicas. The good, bad or ugly...but maybe it is just me? It isn't really my specialty so I don't buy that many. 

There will also be a black paint 90mmf2.0 APO for about $2300. I already have at least twenty emails telling me they want this lens and it isn't even out, I guess it was a good idea!

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