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Subject: RE: [Leica] discovery of long lost negatives
From: "Phong" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 07:13:09 -0400


Sorry to hear of your father's passing.
Mine passed away 4 years ago, and it always
feels like yesterday.

- - Phong

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> Subject: [Leica] discovery of long lost negatives
> Some time ago I somehow misplaced a whole box of 4X5 negatives I
> had shot in
> the mid-1970s while I was a high school student with my first camera  (a
> Busch Pressman 4X5).  This camera, which I still have, was a gas
> to use.  I
> shot a ton of 4X5 Plus X Pan.   Anyway, five years ago our town had a
> tremendous flood and I had 18 inches in my basement due to a sewer backup.
> I recall taking that box of negatives and putting them somewhere very safe
> during that time period before flood waters reached critical mass.  I was
> fortunate to have backup insurance at the time which replaced my
> furnace and
> some other items.  Anyway I have been driving myself nuts trying to find
> those negatives.  I thought they were lost forever and in my mind's eye.
> Anyway, this week was a week I wish not to repeat.  Last Saturday my dad
> passed away from pneumonia complications after a long battle with cancer.
> In the process of looking for photos for the funeral, I just happened to
> look somewhere I had not looked at all.  I felt a box that felt like that
> special box of negatives.  And Wow, I found that special box! The
> negatives
> were in perfect condition still, much to my relief!   I will be having one
> giant scanning session in the coming months.   At the same time I found a
> batch of negatives that I shot with 35mm Tri-X.  Some of which I
> shot with a
> Leica IIIf that I borrowed from time to time from a friend.  I
> scanned some
> negs and had them at the funeral.  I was so relieved  to have them again.
> My words of advice.  The negatives you shoot today becomes the
> treasures of
> the next generation.  Treat them with care (and remember where you hid
> them).
> gck
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