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Subject: RE: [Leica] 2003 photos
From: "Randy Jensen" <>
Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2003 12:40:27 -0700

I had some idiot at a wedding a while back with a D1H (Nikon).  He came up
to me because he could tell that I was "the photographer" and immediately
asked what I was shooting with.  "Bronica and Leica" I answered.  He didn't
seem to understand, so I pulled out my 2 R8's.

"How fast do those shoot?" he asked.  I knew what he meant, but I pretended
not to.
"You mean shutter speed?" I said.  No, he meant frame rate, of course.  "I
just have winders on these.  I guess they're a couple frames a second.  I
only use them so I don't have to wind and can keep my eye on the subject,
and occasionally have them rewind when I'm too busy."

"Not fast enough."  What the hell does that mean?  "This shoots 10 frames
per second."

"Yeah, but that's digital.  No latitude.  I'd never shoot with that."

Anyway, he grabs one of the R8s without asking (big pet peeve there) and
looks through it.  He's surprised that it isn't focusing.  "It's manual
focus."  This seems to be beyond his understanding alltogether.

To make a long story even longer, he winds up being a nice guy and starts
asking ME things about photography once he realizes I know what I'm talking
about and have such a different viewpoint than he does.  He may have even
gone out and bought an FM2 at my recommendation!  :)

I've owned (in my deluded past) Canon EOS1s, Nikon F4s, Canon T90s, etc.,
and I can guarantee I take better pictures with my Leicas.  I shoot
differently with them.


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I dont think the task can be accomplished unless done on digital with a 15
frame burst rate, and gyro stabilized, 100mm f1.2 lens.


>Not to mention you will need a 10 fps motor to accomplish this task.

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