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Subject: Re: [Leica] Totally off topic.... Polaroid scanner
From: Allen Graves <>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 22:28:58 -0600
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I have the Microtek ArtixScan 4000t . This is the same scanner as 
your Polaroid, both made by Microtek but with minimally different 
cosmetics and different software packages. With the Microtek software 
it is at best a very lightweight boat anchor. (I use it on a Mac.) It 
may actually be the worst software I've ever seen.

After reading a lot of info on the various scanner groups, I bought 
Silverfast from Lasersoft ( and have had flawless 
function since. The Silverfast software  is expensive and not very 
intuitive, but is extremely powerful. They have an excellent demo 
available for download. I think that the new version of the Artixscan 
and Silverfast 6.0 were reviewed a few months ago in Shutterbug.

In adddition, I use Vuescan, an inexpensive shareware scanner driver 
for literally hundreds of scanners ( and get likewise 
get excellent results.It's interesting that different results may 
come from the same slide or negative, so if a scan seems difficult in 
one program, it's worthwhile switching programs. Ed Hamrick upgrades 
the program often, sometimes 2-3 times per week and provides 
exemplary support for new scanners as they come to the market.

Both these programs have dust/scratch removal, color restoration and 
grain reduction algorithms built in, and they work pretty well. The 
nature of the Microtek/Polaroid light source supposedly does not 
amplify film defects as much as the light source used by Nikon.

I've used both the Microtek and the Nikon 4000 and really still 
prefer my 2-year old Microtek.
At least give the demos of these 2 programs a try before you write 
off your scanner.

Allen Graves

>Ernest Nitka asked: >>>> Ted - what was the problem with your SS 4000/<<<
>Hi Ernie,
>Well it stops in-between the, " to be scanned number selected and the next
>frame," this is an almost constant problem. It scans the wrong negative
>selected.... I want Number 2 it scans #3 or a blank space.
>I shut the scanner down, the computer down and restart everything including
>Photoshop and the same thing will occur three, four times in a row, then the
>fifth time it'll work OK.
>Now this problem isn't just with this new machine replacement, it happened
>with two other replacement machines, a new first purchase, a replacement
>while Polaroid tried to figure out what was happening, now the "new
>re-placement for the new purchased" machine. Only right now this one is the
>worst of the three.
>For every neg. I require scanning, I have to start the computer, Photoshop
>and the Polaroid soft ware and scanner to maybe get one neg. scanned. And
>with about 150 to do at the moment, I'm sure you can appreciate my utter
>frustration with this Mickey mouse piece of gear.
>Surely there's a scanner that I can buy, use it for a few years and it'll go
>without any screw-ups! Sure I realize there's always the human factor in any
>man made machine, but really ?  Three scanners in a row having the same
>Look, I'm wide open to maybe it's me!!!!!! Maybe I'm doing something wrong,
>however when I do get it working OK I get excellent scans of very high
>quality. It's just the damn inconsistency of operation that's killing me!
>If anyone has any suggestions please send them along, as at the moment this
>situation is driving me to drink and buying another manufacturers scanner!
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