Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2003/03/30

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Subject: [Leica] But of course! Oher great close up systems exist!
From: Edward Caliguri <>
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 22:15:55 -0500

Oh - I know Simon -- as someone else mentioned, the Contax makro and Cosina
Apo Macros are great lenses. (although I personally have never used the
Cosina). I've used and been wowed by the Hasselblad 120 Makro!  I guess to
be more strict, I'd say from the equipment I now have to choose from  -
Leica, 60, 100, 100 with 2X converter 0rthe 1:1.1 ELPRO -- I'd use one of
those setups most every time over my Nikon 60 AF, 105 AF or 200 AF Macros.
They are good, but as Slobodon pointed out, there is a  3-dimensional
quality and contrast difference that, to me, and others that see them. IF I
HAVE to go digital with a D1x or AF with an F5 because of subject motion, or
that's what is wanted - sometimes a fellow scientist will say to me "I'd
rather you use the AF camera because these animals can move a bit - even
though I KNOW I can nail it better with the Leica - (or they say Leica? What
the heck kind of camera brand is that? :-) you'd be surprised at how many
times I hear that one!). If they are real nice - I'll shoot both and let
them see it for themselves!

> Ed
>>> I take it you mean that nothing 'Leica' comes close.  There are other lenses
>>> out there that come very close indeed.
>>> Simon
>>> On 30/3/03 3:27 am, "Edward Caliguri" <> wrote:
>>> SNIP  When I shoot close up (down to 1:1), for me nothing comes close to the
>>> 100 Apo Macro R lens.

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