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Subject: Re: [Leica] OT: Minolta Dimage Scan Multi II opinions?
From: Nick Roberts <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 10:27:17 -0800 (PST)

I don't really know, nor am I sure if this helps you
at all, but I've swapped an arm and a leg for the Scan
Multi Pro, which amongst it's other attributes does a
similar trick. The normal optical resolution for
bigger than 35mm is 3200 samples per inch, but it has
a similarly tricky interpolation mode for 4800 spi. I
have to be honest and say that for my requirements (up
to A3+) the optical resolution is good enough - I've
only used the 4800 mode on one 645 tranny on which I
wanted to print the central portion to that size. Was
it better? I don't know. Did it work? Yup. 

Unscientifically yours,


- --- Randy Jensen <> wrote:
> I need to get a film scanner that will also do
> medium format (645)
> negatives.  If I don't want to spend almost $3000 (I
> don't), the only option
> seems to be this scanner.  I can get one for about
> $500 reconditioned.
> The problem is I can't find any real reviews on this
> model on the web.  The
> specs and downloadable manual from Minolta's website
> make it seem almost
> perfect for what I want to do (which is make small
> to reasonably large
> prints - like 16x20 maybe).
> Does anyone own this scanner?  Apparently the
> original Scan Multi only
> scanned medium format at very low resolution (barely
> over 1100dpi), and the
> same is true of the model II, except that it will
> interpolate to 2880 dpi.
> It also says that it adjusts it's "scanning pitch"
> to do this, which makes
> me think it's not ONLY a software difference, but
> something is actually
> happening during the scan to make this interpolation
> better than Photoshop
> could do by itself.  Does anyone know if this is the
> case?
> Thanks in advance!!!
> Randy
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