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Subject: RE: [Leica] Which Leica ?, M5, M6TTL, or M7
From: "WOC" <>
Date: Fri, 14 Mar 2003 00:19:46 -0500

  My 2 pfennigs vote for the M7.  After many decades of spending more money
then I would like to add up, I have decided that aperture priority suits me
and my style just fine.  I find that with all my cameras, be they digital,
manual, auto focus, or whatever, I set them on A whenever possible.  I found
that my CL and M6 (and my FM) gathered much more dust then they should have
because they did not have the A mode.  My failing I admit, but none the
less, a reason that I was very happy when the M7 came out and the reason
that my CL and M6 are no longer gathering dust, at least on my shelve. You
are right about being the final judge of what you should expend your money
on, and my advice would be to think how you prefer to use the camera and let
that guide your decision.

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Subject: [Leica] Which Leica ?, M5, M6TTL, or M7

Hello Fellow Luggers,

I'd like to purchase a Leica with built in metering, or even aperture
priority, but I'm on a budget and really need to make a decision based on
the best value I can get based on the fact I'll be purchasing a used Leica.

I'm currently looking at the M5 (used $900 - $1200), M6 .72 TTL (used $1000
to $1600), or an M7 .72 (around $2000). My prices are app based on prices
I've seen here on the LUG and on different websites and I want the M6 TTL
version in case I should want to use flash.

I'd *love* to buy a nice M7, but at 2x the price of a nice M5, is it worth
the additional cost?

I know that I'm the one who will ultimately have to make the decision, I was
just hoping to get some feedback from someone on the list that might have
faced a similar decision.

My current Leica equipment consists of a M4-2, 35 Summicron, and 50
I also have a R3 with 50 Summicron.

TIA to all who respond.

Bill - Annapolis, Md.

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