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Subject: Re: [Leica] US Consumer Behavior
From: Bill Satterfield <>
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2003 14:50:08 -0600
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Adam, have you ever served in the military? Read The Charge of the Light 
Brigade. It is Iraq that determines if we go to war, not us. Think of 
the consequences. If we  had stopped Hitler in Poland in  1939, WWII 
would not have happened. This is why the USA went into Korea, to nip in 
the bud. Oh yeah, I served my country  in Korea and Indo-China, if you 
know  where that is. Would do again if asked and if I could. God Bless 

Adam Bridge wrote:

>On 3/7/03 animal  wrote:
>>Second the USA became a economic and military powerhouse because of all the
>>outside effort and people that was poured into it.
>>Regarding the military bit though one has to realize that ultimately it is
>>not superior to any other of the five permanent members.
>>Each has the ability to obliterate any other within 12 minutes.
>Excuse me until I stop laughing. With the exception of the British there is no
>nation on earth which has the ability to project power in the same was as the
>United States. In fact any European country (the UK aside) is closer to being a
>third-world than to the United States.
>The ability to fight effectively at any time of day or night, control the air
>space, control the sea, provide high-quality crypto to officers in the field,
>real-time intelligence gather, long distance logistic support: the combination
>of these is beyond the grasp of any other this time. Even if you
>took NATO, shucked off the US component, it wouldn't be any different.
>That's not brag, it's just fact. It's also why we should NOT go to war in Iraq. 
>And ultimately the difference is that while any single other nation MIGHT be
>able to get a snap shot off to do significant damage to the US, only the US
>could take out the other four simultaneously in spite of our build-down in
>strategic weapons.
>No other nation on earth could threaten Iraq as we are doing. (Another reason
>not to be doing it.)
>Adam Bridge
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