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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica R8 and M6 TTL Wireless Flash, Multiple Flash
From: "Greg J. Lorenzo" <>
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2003 11:04:37 -0700
References: <>

Hi John,

John Collier wrote:

> Did you have to be careful about the placement of the SU-4 flash? (ie: 
> too close or too far) 

Placement was only critical in that the "receptacle eye" on the SU-4 had 
to be angled toward the primary flash to receive the signal for flash 
duration and intensity. As it is designed to rotate on the flash this 
made placement easy when it was mounted on a tripod. Beyond forty feet 
is too far according to Nikon, but I did test it at the full forty feet 
range with no problems. I also used it as close as four feet - also with 
no problems. You can set the SU-4 unit to beep after it triggers the 
flash - once for successful exposure and rapidly for insufficient light.

> Can you dial in compensation on the SU-4 controlled flash in addition 
> to the settings on the master flash? 

Its TTL (if your second flash is) and acquires the camera's flash 
compensation adjustment via the shut off signal for fill flash. Although 
with the Metz (Nikon) 3401 SCA Module I could have dialed in 
compensation there or even on the Metz 32 Z-2 Flash by selecting a focal 
lenght wider than the lens mounted on the R8.

> Did you use the SU-4 controlled flash for background fill, fill or 
> main light? 

All three.

> Thanks for the report as I am leaning toward a similar system. The 
> SU-4 is reasonably priced and there are many used Nikon TTL flashes on 
> the market. 

Your welcome. BTW, my incremental cost for this setup was very low. I 
already owned the Metz 40 MZ3, Leica Module, Nikon SC-17 cord and 
tripod. I purchased the Nikon SU-4 on sale and got a good deal on the 
Metz 3401 Module. The 32 MZ-2 flash I acquired from another Lugger at a 
good price.

Something I would like to have tried but didn't have all the equipment 
for, is whether the focal lenght on a second flash with  built in zoom 
capability such as a 40 MZ3 could be picked up remotely from the camera 
and primary flash (40 MZ3) when using a Rom lens.

> If you'd like to borrow all, or some of this setup, from me to try it 
> out yourself I'd be happy to oblige.




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