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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica R8 and M6 TTL Wireless Flash, Multiple Flash
From: John Collier <>
Date: Sun, 02 Mar 2003 10:03:37 -0700

Hi Greg,

Did you have to be careful about the placement of the SU-4 flash? (ie: 
too close or too far)
Can you dial in compensation on the SU-4 controlled flash in addition 
to the settings on the master flash?
Did you use the SU-4 controlled flash for background fill, fill or main 

Thanks for the report as I am leaning toward a similar system. The SU-4 
is reasonably priced and there are many used Nikon TTL flashes on the 

John Collier

On Saturday, March 1, 2003, at 06:16 PM, Greg J. Lorenzo wrote:

> I posted some weeks back that I wanted to find a way to use multiple 
> flash units (non studio) to use with my R8.
> Well it took some time to gather up all the equipment that I needed 
> but having finally done so and having completed my initial testing I 
> can now say that it is possible and the results are as expected. It 
> works and works very well!
> My setup:     R8                          Assorted Rom Lenses
>                    Metz 40 MZ3 Flash* (used on the R8 or with a Nikon 
> SC-17 Flash Cord connected to the R8)
>                    Metz SCA 3502 Module
>                    Metz 32 Z-2 Flash
>                    Nikon SC-17 Flash Cord (optional - see above)
>                    Nikon SU-4 Wireless Flash Controller
>                    Metz SCA 3401 Module (mounts between the 32 Z-2 
> Flash and the Nikon SU-4 Wireless Flash Controller)
>                    Benbo Tripod to mount the Metz 32 Z-2 Flash. The 
> Nikon SU-4 Unit has a tripod mount  (also optional)
>                                      * also works with a Leica SF20 
> Flash attached to the R8
> With this setup I was able to shoot perfectly exposed ttl flash 
> pictures indoors every time. The use of the Nikon Wireless Controller 
> with the Metz (Nikon) SCA 3401 Module allows the R8 to send a signal 
> to a second (off camera) flash turning it off once sufficient light 
> had been emitted on the subject for a correct exposure. I was able to 
> place the second flash as far as 40 feet from my primary flash and it 
> still worked.
> With regard to this setup with an M6 ttl. It also worked well in my 
> very limited test of only three exposures. I do not use flash with a M 
> camera as a habit but I did have a roll in an M6ttl 3 shots away from 
> rewind. I do not own an M7 and haven't tried this combination but I 
> suspect it would also work just fine.

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