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Subject: RE: [Leica] Is a Good Used M6TTL Worth More Than...?
From: "Buzz Hausner" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 10:53:20 -0500

You're asking what happens to the difference between the billing and the
insurance reimbursement?  Nothing.  The insurances companies pay only
the prearranged reimbursement and the difference is disappears into the

Your two routine births cost YOU more?  You've been had, my friend.
Remember, what you see the doctor and the hospital billing the insurance
company is NOT what the doctor or the hospital received.  The reasons
behind this are somewhat arcane and I will explain them off-list if
anyone is interested.

Births are a lot more common than M7s?  So what?  Anybody out there have
more Leicas than children?  The question is, what is your Leica worth to
YOU in regard to other goods and services you have consumed, including
medical care.  The question is not why does a Leica cost so much.

Austin, you are twisting the issues here.  I am not surprised.


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Subject: RE: [Leica] Is a Good Used M6TTL Worth More Than...?

Hi Buzz,

> I am not sure what you mean, Austin.

It's quite simple.  You said the doctor got only $2k.  The overall
to the insurance companies are far more than $2k.  Who gets all the

> The hospital gets about four to
> five grand for the birth, laboratories collect another one and a half
> two thousand.  That's about it for normal prenatal care and a
> complicated delivery.

Hum.  Our two routine births were a hell of a lot more than that!

> My point is, what's your M6 or M7 worth to you in terms of other
> of your life about which one may or may not complain?

But on the other hand, births are a lot more common than M7's ;-)

> For those among
> us with stents, was your heart procedure worth as much to you as a
> camera?

I feel that's a useless metric, and that isn't meant insultingly at all,
just stating what I feel.  Of course life issues are far more important,
what does money have to do with level of importance?  Should you pay a
mechanic $20k to do brakes on your car, because if he doesn't, 6 people
die?  Certainly a brake job is more important than M7 to some, but that
doesn't mean it should cost more!



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