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Subject: RE: [Leica] R9
From: "WOC" <>
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 23:25:17 -0500

OK, I realize this is a Leica question, on topic and all that but I'll risk
it anyhow.  But rest assured, it will not be an easy straight forward

I have been a M person for quite some time and for SLR use, I have been
quite happy with my Nikon stuff (busy dodging the tomatoes being thrown my
way).  Few weeks ago I got the urge to look into R equipment based on what
seemed to be a reasonable price for a R4S offered on for sale by one of our
members.  This led to looking for lenses and is now totally out of hand.  A
friend dropped off a R9 with winder and 100 macro lens for me to use for a
week and a half while he is out of town.  Unfortunately he did not bring the
flash so I am somewhat limited.  He is convinced the lens is one of the
magic lenses and I will be hooked once I see the results.

I find the R9 a bit bulky and heavy, but I'm sure that has to do with using
a 'unfamiliar' body with controls that are similar but different and using a
lens that I would not normally use for 'everyday' stuff.  I have the 105
macro but it is one of the lesser used lenses on my shelf. And yes, it is
AF, and yes, I tend to prefer AF.

I guess the most pressing question is what film to use that will best show
off the lens.  I know that slides would probably be better then print but I
would prefer to use print film.  I loaded some Fuji 400 in it to start and
have some Fuji 100.  Is there something better I could be using?  I realize
that to some extent the answer tends to be somewhat personal, but there are
films that are better then others.  Guess I should mention that I like the
'rich' colors.  Would like B&W but over the decades have come to the
conclusion that it is a talent I do not have.  But then, maybe this is the
lens to teach me proper B&W... Is this really one of the magic Leica lenses?
My favorite subjects are cars in motion on a race track.  Given the snow in
the North East it is unlikely I'll see that while I have this though....

Sorry for the length.  Awaiting the wisdom of the group to lead me to the
next step, which could quite possibly be a shrink :->


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