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Subject: [Leica] Just played with am MP --- and BD and an order of Magnitude
From: Edward Caliguri <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 17:41:21 -0400

Hey all-
    First - BD knows what an order of magnitude is. Before working at MIT in
any capacity, one must know how to calculate logarithmic functions to the
base 10 without a calculator, what the chemical term mole is, and Scientific
Notation - it's a given!
    But I just messed around with am MP at Newtonville Camera. It's just a
black paint M6 Classic with a kind of 'weird' sharkskin - like covering
material. The rewind knob is the M3 style as you know, as well as the
preview lever. Meter is the same as the M6 - NO TTL flash - with the Leica
script on the top plate (JUST says Leica - nothing under it) For around
2500.00 dollars. (90 bucks more will get you the add on rewind crank of old,
and 900.00 or so the Leicavit M (which I did not see). The shutter speed
dial runs the 'old' way around ( as opposed to the M6ttl or M7) and the B
setting also says 'off'. No black Leica dot - just a screw head, and the
frame line illuminator window is not the M3 frosted version, but the grating
used on all subsequent cameras.
    In a nutshell, it ain't worth it! Good news is that our older M6's just
went up in value! bad news - Leica has nothing new here. Also heard a new
3.0 megapixel digital P and S will be announced, that will eventually be
made entirely in Solms. That's from the rep - no 'Hard Data' there.... but
that it will  lead to a gearing up to make a digital R body in about a year
or so. Cross the fingers!

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