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Subject: Re: [Leica] Pictures and Privacy/Film Industry/Susan Sontag, too!
From: "Will" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 21:32:50 -0800
References: <>

I think that the point is let see some of you photos.  Your
photo selection will tell us more about you than all of  the
words that you write.

And of course you could always got to IRC  which would be
Newnet #leica which usually has five to ten persons on it
during the US day.

Kit McChesney writes:|| And guess what? It isn't always
necessary to BE a photographer to TALK about
| photography. That's the old line that most of the silliest
artists always
| throw around. One doesn't need to be an artist to be an
art historian. Some
| are both (I count myself in that lot), but not all are.
Some of the best
| stuff written about photography was not penned by
photographers, and a lot
| of absolute schlock was written and said by people who
were great
| photographers and artists, but were lousy writers. Many
artists have no idea
| what they're doing, how their work fits in the
cultural/historical timeline.
| It sometimes takes people who actually have studied
history to be able to
| make a sane statement about an artist's work.

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