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Subject: [Leica] Learning to see
From: "Oliver Bryk" <>
Date: Sat, 1 Feb 2003 08:49:17 -0800

For me, one of the strongest ways of learning to see photographically is to
fully internalize the process of isolating a potential image from its
surroundings. I had done this unawares and inconsistently for years before I
learned how to this consciously and purposefully in a 1975 Ansel Adams
workshop as part of the process of visualizing an image, using a cut-out
card. A pre-cut black mat will do as long as it is big enough, e.g., at
least 8x10 inches. (See also Ansel Adams's "The Camera")
A complementary discipline is to study photographic prints, in galleries or
museums, in order to answer questions such as, what did the photographer
see? What did the photographer eliminate from the surroundings? Where does
the light come from? What is the position of the camera? etc.
Oliver Bryk

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