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Subject: RE: [Leica] Focus Camera
From: "Kit McChesney | Acmefoto" <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2003 09:42:18 -0700


They're not being clever. And no one is forgetting anything. An authorized
Leica dealer is an authorized dealer, and can, if she/he chooses, sell you
any Leica product you need. Each dealer is listed on Leica's Web site
according to the products they regularly stock. Some dealerships opt not to
stock the full line; perhaps they have invested heavily in other product
lines and don't want to carry an M system on the shelf on speculation. It
makes sense for some dealerships not to stock the full line, given the
expense of stocking so much high-dollar inventory. I don't know anything
about Focus. The Leica Web site shows that they are in Brooklyn, and their
product line includes Sport Optics, Compact Cameras, and the Minox line.

Some dealers primarily serve an audience of wildlife observers or hunters.
So they carry only binocs and scopes. But if you wanted an M, they could
order for you. In some areas of the country that are sparsely populated,
like North Dakota, for instance, there are no dealers listed as carrying M
systems. But there are four authorized Leica dealers, and they are all
stocking spotting scopes and binocs. The same for Wyoming, our northern
neighbor. They have three authorized Leica dealers. One, in Casper, sells
the full line, including cameras; the rest sell sport optics.

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Focus Camera

Frank Filippone wrote:

> Focus is listed as a Leica Binocular authorized dealer........

clever so they can say "Leica ... authorized dealer" and *forget* to make
it clear it's only binoculars


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