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Subject: Re: [Leica] Bessa R2 with 90mm Apo Summicron
From: Nathan Wajsman <>
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 06:10:42 +0100
References: <>

Thanks for the suggestion, Peter, I will see if I can find the Nikon 
magnifier. Presumably it magnifies the image so that the 90mm frame 
fills most of the viewfinder, which would be just fine, since I would 
only use that beast on the rare occasion when I want to mount the 90mm 
on my R2 (I have no problem getting accurate focus with my 50mm Summilux 
on the R2).

As for LTM cameras, yes, I had a IIIf once, but in the end decided that 
while they are beautiful and there is something attractive about walking 
around with a 60 or 70 year-old camera, it is just too much bother to 
actually use on an everyday basis.


Peter Klein wrote:

> Nathan:  The short base of the Bessa RF is going to fail you up close and
> wide open on a 90/2.  Here's something you might try. The Bessa R(2) is
> based on an SLR body that Cosina made in several guises for Nikon, Olympus
> and ???.  Nikon made a 2.5x focusing magnifier for the F80.  It fits
> the R2.  It might help, just as the 1.25x Leica magnifier does.  Although
> it magnifies too much to see the entire image.
> See:
> Incidentally, an old LTM body with an 85 or 90mm bright-line finder is
> actually a great theatrical camera. The RF is magnified 1.5x, giving you
> an adequate effective baselength, and things look bigger and therefore
> easier to focus on.  The separate RF/Viewfinder isn't so much of an issue
> when you're shooting a stage.  Unfortunately, you can't use the 90 Apo on
> a screwmount body.
> --Peter Klein
> Seattle, WA

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