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Subject: [Leica] More Rabid winder nonsense.....
From: Ian Watts <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2003 13:02:17 +0000

Sal DiMarco,Jr. wrote:

>  You said, "The device CAN be construed as a weapon, and you can't
> "non-issue" that from not being true."
>  Yes, but a ball point pen can be construed as a weapon too and used as
> one.

I guess it could. Doesn't Joe Pesci demonstrate this possibility quite
vividly in the film 'Casino'? How about a pair of glasses? If I remember
correctly there's a rather far-fetched scene in the third Godfather film
where a Vatican official is murdered by somebody using the victim's own
spectacles as the murder weapon.

I'm not sure that speculating about how various objects can be used as
weapons helps much with the original question about rapidwinders. Trying to
argue with airport security that they should let you on with your
rapidwinder because they allow ballpoint pens onboard isn't likely to cut
much ice. The bottom line is that airport security (at least the ones I know
in UK airports), alerted to the trigger of the rapidwinder, simply aren't
going to let you take it into the cabin. Anyone who thinks otherwise should
try going through security next time with an M hanging around your neck with
the rapidwinder trigger extended. I'll be interested to hear how they get

Ian Watts

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