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Subject: RE: [Leica] Tri Elmar Repair
From: "Austin Franklin" <>
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 22:13:38 -0500


> Because you bought the lens in Germany, and not in the U.S., your warranty
> must be serviced in Germany, rather than by Leica USA.

I have a Leica "Warranty Card" in front of me for a 50/1.4 that I purchased
NOT in the USA.  It is an official Leica warranty card, and it clearly shows
in the back of it that in North America, the authorized Leica dealer is
Leica Camera Inc., in Northvale, NJ.  The conditions listed on the warranty
card do not say a thing about having to send the lense to Germany, but say,
and I quote " Leica Camera Agency" and as I said, the Leica
US is a Leica Camera Agency according to the list in the back of the card.
They do not say they will then forward it to Germany for the repair.

> All non-U.S.
> warranties are international warranties, and Leica USA does not honor them

They ARE listed an a Leica Camera Agency, how can they NOT honor the
warranty?  Though I think it's BS, they forward them to Germany you say they do honor them...

> (re: pay for repairs). They will forward the camera or lens on to Germany
> for you, which will save you shipping costs, but they will not service the
> product under the warranty.

Hum.  The warranty card doesn't say that...  Of course, if they are
incapable of making the repair, I would then say it would be fine to send it
to Germany...but for routine servicing that they are fully capable of, I'd
say it's a violation of the warranty for them to not service it.  In fact,
they go on to say that "Tourists may make user of the Agency of the country
in which they are traveling...".  So, I would take that to also apply to if
I WAS traveling and bought a Leica item, that I could get it serviced here
as well.  It's weasel words for them to do otherwise.

> Conversely, if you bought your lens or camera in the U.S., with a
> full Leica
> USA Passport Protection Plan warranty, and were outside the U.S.
> and needed
> a warranty repair, Leica AG (Germany) would be happy to repair the product
> for you for a fee, but would not honor the USA warranty.

I do not believe that...see above referring to #5 on the "Conditions of the
extended Warranty" as included with my lenses.

> The USA warranty is the best in the
> world. It
> is also more comprehensive than a standard international
> warranty, covering
> accidents like dropped equipment, etc.

Yes it is, but that does not shirk them of the responsibility for repairing
gear under an International Warranty.  Leica sold the gear with a warranty
in the first place, and they should honor it under the terms of the warranty
they offer.  If they want to caveat it to death, then they should say that
in the warranty card...but they don't.

Damn this BS by the camera companies about warranty repairs really pisses me
off.  They try to pretend that they aren't the same company...when they
clearly are.


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