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Subject: Re: [Leica] Hawaiin Travel Questions
From: "Matthew M Smith" <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 13:05:23 -0500

Bob said: I'll be going to Volcano National Park


I was at Volcano National Park last month.  The walk is maybe 15 minutes 
from the road.  It's windy and hot.  Take a hat, lip balm and plenty of 
water.  The rangers said that to see the lava, the secret is to get to the 
viewing area around 4:00pm so you can get your bearings, and then get out to 
the lava vent just before dark.  In the daylight, there's no lava to see.  I 
don't believe they'll let you take the walk anywhere close to dusk without a 
flashlight, extra batteries and closed shoes.

When you leave the info center just after you enter the park, ignore the 
first few suggested stops -- these are filled with families taking pictures 
of steam coming out of grates in the ground...if you live in a city, you've 
seen this a million times anyway.  There's really no color to capture around 
the crater, and along much of the drive.  It's black, black and grey.  The 
Crater Drive is spectatular, but to get to the lava you have to take a side 
road back down to sea level: probably 45 minutes or so down there.  Maybe a 
third of the way down you'll find green again.

I've been to the Big Island a dozen times or so, so if you have any specific 
questions about the Kona side, email me off-list.  This list has far wiser 
men than I to answer the photo-specific questions. :-)

Matthew M Smith

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