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Subject: Re: [Leica] Constructive Criticism.. just a little bit. ;-)
From: Ted Grant <>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 12:31:36 -0800
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TG wrote:
> <snip>When in truth it should never have been shot in the first place, let
alone getting past file 13 waste bucket.. period.<<<<

cmdr.jessurun responded:
>> why? commercial reasons? would you please explain?<<<

G'day simon,
There are any number of reasons.. the light wasn't right, the content
meaningless, the subject moving too fast for the shutter speed. etc etc etc.
It's a list of wrongs longer than rights if we had time and could discuss
over a pint. Other wise this topic would get us both killed for burning the
screen and creating 1000 more posts of other opinions.. ;-)

TG said:
> > Yep and sometimes I run hard at them when they ask to be critiqued, and
> yes sometimes I don't mess around with words in a puffery state of BS. But
> when they ask for comments I call them the way 50 years experience as a
> working professional calls them because that's how they really learn. Not
> ass talking to them like they're little children. one doesn't learn
> if they don't get their ass kicked sometimes to<<<<

cmdr.jessurun responded:
>>> sorry mr. Grant but didactic research shows that the only  way to learn
> people anything is by reinforcing the positive .<<<<<

I use positive example re-enforcement 99.9% of the time. But then

As you know some photographers aren't too bright even on a super sunny 16
day, requiring a small element of extra re-enforcement to get the message
through. ;-) So it's only at this time a touch of  "word force" is required
with a smack to the cranium or kick in the butt. :-)

And despite the educated research you quote,  >>>the only  way to learn
people anything is by reinforcing the positive.<<<<<  maybe true, however!
It's been my experience after all the sweet talking & example efforts have
failed,  there's nothing like a good word kick in the ass to really implant
the point to the memory bank, certainly much longer than a kiss on the cheek
with kind words. ;-)

But then I'm from the old school where people accepted a good smack helped,
not injure, but folks paid attention, concentrated more and learned. Today
seems too many people believe one should be kissing the ass instead of
kicking it to make a positive point!

And of course, Leica is the only real camera in the world. ;-)

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