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Subject: Re: [Leica] Constructive Criticism
From: "\(SonC\) Sonny Carter" <>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2003 17:46:29 -0600
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Ted sez:

> And Gerry the answer is.... some can take it and accept comments good, bad
> and ugly. They accept and learn!
I think most on this list (those who post pictures at least,) can take crits
of their work.  The problem is that some of what passes for criticism here
is, "too bad you weren't shooting that picture from one step forward,"
(which might have been one step over a cliff.)  Or, "I don't like color,
that sunset would have looked Great in Scala!"  or "That would be a good
picture, if the kid was not smiling."  or, "I would like the picture of
Natchitoches if you took the all old buildings out of it."

> Then you have those who ask for comment, but by the Holy fella Himself,
> one tiny item negative in a constructive fashion and they're mighty pissed
> off royally because one said anything but.."gee great picture I love it!"

Then you have the guy who simply comments, "That's the worst picture I've
ever seen."  Truth is, we get lots of good shots here, and no one comments
either way, certainly not with candor and knowledge of the craft.

Getting back to the original thread, I would say there was only one time I
disagreed with Nathan in his assessment of one of my shots, and I told him
so . . .  But I hope not in a spoiled brat way.

I often disagree with the crits I get of my stuff.  Sometimes I see they are
right. Sometimes, like S.L., I think it would be intellectually dishonest to
make the change they suggest.  (I do believe in full disclosure of altered

You have, on a rare occassion, pissed me off with your comments, but I do
know that they were delivered in a hope of helping me, and I took them as

I don't have the miles on the odometer you do, but after 40 years with a
camera I'm considered an old guy myself by the likes of John Strauss, but
hey, even KyleCassidy is getting to be an old fart, he admitted that to me


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