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Subject: Re: [Leica] Why fashion photography sucks
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 16:47:25 EST

In a message dated 1/5/03 12:17:56 PM, writes:

<< Amen! To say nothing of the fact that much of the most successful and
popular fashion photography serves up the degrading, the 'degenerate,'
the pathetic and the 'perverse' as that to which we should all aspire -
remember 'heroin chic?' Sexually provocative poses by underage models,
or those who look under age? Certainly there's allot of creative fashion
photography - and I assume that Martin is referring to studio type
fashion work, Ted, not shooting runway models. But the question is how
that creativity is being used. It's a lonnnnnng way from early Avedon to
the Calvin Klein underwear ads.

B. D. >>


I'm running through my mind who I think are some of the most successful 
current fashion photographers and the images they serve up.  The names that 
come to mind are steven meisel, pablo roversi, demarchalier, michel comte, 
david lachapelle, bruce weber, mario testino, ellen von unwerth, bettina 
rheims, walter chin, sarah moon, avedon, ritts (ok so he's not current 
anymore)....I'm sure there are many others...but of those listed I'm having a 
hard time thinking of their work as serving up "the degrading, the 
'degenerate,' the pathetic and the 'perverse' ."

Creativity is often stunted and altered in the face of commercial 
(particularly advertising) issues....this isn't just the case in fashion 
photography.  It seems to be the nature of the beast where as an artist 
attempting to survive off your art, you must be reasonably attuned to the 
hand (or in this case client) who is feeding you.   But it seems to me that 
condemning all (or even "much of")fashion photography because of heroin chic 
or underware ads is kinda like condeming all of hip hop because of gangsta 

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