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Subject: Re: [Leica] PAW (12/2/02)
From: Carl Pultz <>
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2002 18:58:47 -0500

Nathan wrote:

"I like your shots, especially those of seemingly abandoned and decaying
buildings, like the former pet shop. Some of the others are more like
record shots, but once in a while you do hit a good one, and that makes
it worthwhile.
I have been doing something similar, but with the same place. I have
been in London a lot of this year, and right next to the Holiday Inn
Express where I usually stay is a former pub, now being demolished. I
photographed it for the first time in March, again in June or July, and
most recently in early November.
See: for the early
shots. I will shortly be adding the more recent images to it. Those are
in color, and for once the London sky was blue, which provided a certain
tension in the image. I was actually thinking of your work as I was
releasing the shutter."

Nathan, I'm just seeing your note on Thursday - haven't been keeping up 
with the list too well this week.

Thanks very much for the feedback. I hadn't seen the pictures of The Rose 
before. The fourth and eighth are really nice, beautiful gloomy light. The 
most recent ones are not lit as well, though the billboard shot is vivid. 
But, yeah, that sure is my kind of subject, and thanks for having me there 
looking over your shoulder.

I'd like to know more about what you mean by record shots. You mean photos 
that are taken as a note or for remembrance, rather than as a photo 
suitable for framing? Or one of those things where you say, "it's not 
right, but I'll take it anyway."

I try to keep those things out of the PAW, but sometimes they get back in. 
Like the first shot of the series, which might be one you are referring to. Tricky exposure because the 
building is almost back lit. I thought at first it was the wrong time of 
day, I'd have to go back in the morning, when the sun would be shining 
across the facade. But, on second thought, if all the architecture as 
highlighted, would the statue on top of the building be as noticeable. That 
was the point of the shot, a little guy with a rifle perched on a massive 
masonry pedestal. I like the strong converging lines, too, forcing the eye 
up to him. So, I used it.

Don't mean to justify or explain what might still be a weak photo, that's 
just what I was thinking. So it's helpful to have someone else come along 
and say, "ah, your full of it!" In a few months, I'll look back at the 
first six months of PAW and wonder about some of the crap, what was I 
thinking? Or maybe not.

Best to ya,


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