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Subject: RE:[Leica] Reflex vs. RF
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 11:15:24 -0800


>I just received an old copy of Leica catalog 44.  Prices were effective
>February 1, 1971:

>Code 10,011 Leicaflex SL, without lens           $558
>Code 10,102 Leicaflex SL, in black finish        $603
>Code 10,228 Leicaflex SL, 50/2, hood, ret. ring  $756

In real terms these equate to the following:

1971		 2002
- ----		------
$558		$2,498
$603		$2,699
$756		$3,384

Interesting article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that included some
comments about Kodak. In short, the article acknowledged the growth in
digital, but also said..."since film isn't going away anytime soon"...

There was another interesting Journal article about companies that reload
and sell single use cameras. Fuji owns a key patent on single use camera.
Kodak pays a royalty to Fuji. Both are trying to stop the practice of
commercial reloading. I guess SU cams can be reloaded and resold up to 7 or
8 times. Pretty big market in single use cameras. And, of course, they all
use film. 

Should be noted that reloading differs from recyling. Fuji is apparently
buying as many spent cameras as they can for recyling, thus driving up the
price for the reloaders. An interesting legal argument involves whether or
not reloading a single use camera is just a repair, or something more.
(sounds like fodder for an interesting thread) A mere repair would not
infringe on the patent. 

My only question is, "are they using UV filters?"   

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