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Subject: Re: [Leica] Reflex vs. RF
From: John Collier <>
Date: Tue, 03 Dec 2002 15:51:15 -0700

It is very easy to fit a 1.5v silver oxide battery to an SL or SL2, you 
then have the meter calibrated and that is it. You can use the hard to 
find 625 silver cells (available on the web) or just use the ubiquitous 
SR44 with an o-ring around it.

Doug has a way to pre-release the mirror on a SL or SL2. Simple and 
easy to do:

Mirror Lock-up: No mirror lock-up :-( but Jason Hall tells me of a 
trick he got from the Pentax list: "Wind on and then flick the shutter 
release (like you're flicking a pea off the table) not straight down 
but from the side and above (and not hard), this action releases the 
mirror and presets the aperture! Normal pressure/cable release will 
then fire the shutter and return the mirror (without vibration or 
clunk!!!). It's quite easy once you have the knack and easily 
repeatable!!" I've tried this a little and the trick is to flick the 
shutter release quickly enough that it starts the mirror upward but not 
so much that the button is still depressed when the mirror reaches the 
top of its motion

See this and more at:

The chances of another SL type camera are very slim. The new SL was the 
SL2 and literally tens of thousands of people did not buy it. Leitz 
lost money on every camera sold. Great camera which is still available 
reasonably priced used and is still fully repairable by Leica (though 
specialized focusing screens are getting scarce).

John Collier

On Tue, 03 Dec 2002 13:03:25 -0800 Bill Stanke <> 

> If you were re-designing the SL, what "modern"
> features would you ask
> Leica to build in to the "new" SL?
> I would like:
> .......
> 2) Modern batteries
> snip
> 6) Mirror lock-up

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