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Subject: [Leica] Light Baffles. was FS: Leica M3
From: Håkan Dennersten <>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2002 10:59:02 +0100

Sorry for a very late reply... I had hell of a month. 

> I read with interest the answer (tongue in cheek at that- 
> does that translate in to your Norse language{ Danish?}, I 
> wonder?)

Swedish actually. Living in Malmö, south part of Sweden. Next to

> that Neil Beddoe gave! Actually, a light baffle is a 
> device to absorb or diffuse the light reflected inside the 
> camera chamber itself- should make for a higher contrast 
> negative. The word 'baffle' is interesting in this context- I 
> guess it would in fact 'confuse' the light bouncing around 
> inside the camera and keep it away from the film! :o)

OK, it is the first time i hear about it actually. It had been changed
as i remembered it in the original post. Can they be damaged ? Do you
need to check them ? 

> I am surprised at the number of English words that confuse 
> Germanic and Norse speakers since so many of our English 
> words come from those languages- I read somewhere that 60% of 
> English is derived from Germanic languages... and I still 
> have difficulty with German! As Mark Twain commented- He said 
> he'd rather decline several drinks than one German verb!

Hehe, i don't know anything about languagehistory but i do know that
there is only three words we given the english language recently: 
Ombudsman, smorgasboard and bureaucracy...  These three words says also
a lot about Swedish culture... :)

> I also recall seeing the word 'smor' with the little line 
> through the 'o' is Swedish which I recall means 'butter' but 
> is also used for the generic term for 'grease'- amd I would 
> assume gives rise to the English word 'Smear'- since we smear 
> butter on our bread, and smear grease on our bearings!

Thats right. But it is the danish and norwegians who use a line through
their o:s. We use 2 dots above it. But it is the same sound like your
'u' as in church for example. 

> Anyway, Hakan, I hope that clears things up, since I am now 
> thorroughly confused! Cheers! Prost! Prosit! Nastrovya! Opah! 
> A vos sante! Slainte!
> Dan ( Tell me about th' rabbits, George!) Post



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