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Subject: Re: [Leica] Sierra Autumn
From: Marc Attinasi <>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 20:27:06 -0800

Wow, some really fantastic images there. For me, it is the colors that 
really stand out. I find most of the forms pretty straight-forward, 
almost like a postcard shot. The exceptions being the tin-can siding, 
the Bodie power box, and the hot springs shot. I guess those are my 
favorites because they are a little less 'typical', though I really 
like the shot with the silvery trees behind the Aspens too - just 

On a side note, I find digital representations of trees to always leave 
me a little disappointed. No matter what resolution they are shot or 
scanned at, it seems the leaves just look compromised in comparison to 
the chromes. Maybe it is the nature of the final output device (my 
monitor) but I see that in my prints too, both my 2400 dpi scans on a 
cheapo Epson printer and those from a Fuji Frontier minilab. Do you 
find the same thing with your high-res scans? I wonder what it takes to 
get landscapes, particularly leaves, to look good in digital...

Cheers, and thanks for the fine post!
- - marc

p.s. the Portra shots look really nice too - sometimes a little more 
dynamic range is helpful :-) and the color in that film is quite nice, 
if a bit more subdued than your fantastic E6 stock.

On Monday, November 11, 2002, at 07:11  PM, Adam Bridge wrote:

> Here are some shots from my trip down US 395.
> They were shot with an M6/Summicron 50, an M6/Summicron 35, and an R8 
> 100mm
> <>
> I'm stunned with the Ektachrome and Velvia color. Some of it is 
> surreal - see
> the tin-can siding images as an example.
> Everything was scanned with a Nikon 4000 scanner.
> Your thoughts are most welcome. I wish I had taken more of the 
> Ektachrome and
> Velvia film - I had 2 rolls of the Velvia and 1 of the Ektrachome, 
> which is why
> I ended up with the Porta 100 VS. I shot Supra 100 also but for some 
> reason
> didn't chose any of those images to post.
> Thanks
> Adam Bridge
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