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Subject: Re: [Leica] Aussie bits and pieces.
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2002 13:42:28 +1100
References: <>

>Hi Rob,
>I'm not 10% of the photographer you are but here my reaction.  Maybe 
>you can take it as the 'know-nothing guy on the street opinion'...;->
>I was pretty ambivalent about the first 6.  Frankly, this is your 
>own fault.  The reason being, your portraits are just too damn good! 
>I was expecting something as instantly visually arresting as your 
>people shots.  The seventh (the window) held me for a bit because I 
>can't help myself with graphic/geometric stuff.  The final shot of 
>the padlock, I've gone back to several times over the course of the 
>I know I'm wringing a quart out of a damp towel but the shape of the 
>padlock as a big "Y" draws me in as a geometric device then as a 
>representation of "Yes".  However, the fact that the "Yes" is also 
>the very object keeping me outside the damn door makes me frustrated 
>and more curious about the other side.  I really dig it.
>BTW, if you weren't in Aus, I pay your rate plus a supply of you 
>favorite beverage for a commission of my kids.  I've shelled out 
>some pretty serious dough over the last few years for 'environmental 
>portraits' and the results are floormats compared to yours (except 
>for the fact that my kids are in them).

Perhaps you should make a trip downunder ;-)
- -- 
Alastair Firkin

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