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Subject: Re: [Leica] New guy here
From: Roger Cantwell <>
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 21:33:50 +0100
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Per Claesson wrote:
> Got a 1c with an Ilford 500S Multigrade head and an EL Nikkor 50/2.8  
> (the new model. Should I replace it with a Focotar-2?). Want to make  
> blowups from 50 x 60 cm (app. 19 x 24 ") and up to 100 x 70. In the old  
> days it was all Tri-X but I now decided to try out Tmax 400 which I  
> heard can behave a bit like Tri-X (as far as details in the shades go),  
> minus the grain, with Paterson fx 39 developer and a longer dev time.  
> Some experimenting ahead. Any good advice appreciated.

Have you tried Aculux - I always used it for TX (and everything else, 
come to that - HIE is very nice given 11 mins at 22 deg C).

I never really liked the grain structure and tones of T-Max 400, but the 
100 was quite nice, in Aculux again.  The worst thing about the T-Max 
films is the ludicrously long fixing time - neglect this and you're left 
with the T-Max pink stain which makes multigrade printing impossible.

T400CN rated at ISO 200 is so good that, for "normal" b/w, it hardly 
seems worth developing my own film any more.
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