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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re- Clementine
Date: Tue, 1 Oct 2002 11:45:45 EDT

In a message dated 9/30/02 6:20:44 PM, writes:

<< Kim:

And what business of yours was it to lecture a specific photographer about

anything much less legal matters? If you don't have a state bar license I

seriously doubt your are qualified to give a legal opinion and may be guilty

of  barristery.>>

I don't recall lecturing anyone.  I think I offered a suggestion.  The 
suggestion, really had nothing to do with legal matters, it was about common 
courtesy.  You may or may not understand that concept.

Incidentally, I do have a state bar license with the State of California.  I 
have an inactive membership because I decided there were other things to do 
with my life than practice law.  So, I'm probably guilty of many things 
though "barristery" is the least of them.

<<Just the typical "control freak" wanting to control one more human being I

take it.>>

Uh, yeah.  Right.  I live my life to control people on the LUG.  That's why I 
subscribed.  I used to try and control people with Japanese made cameras but 
it just wasn't the same.

<<If  "model release" is an "issue for potential discussion"  as you now say,

why not give us your dissertation but leave the specific photographer out of

it.  Then you may ramble on with no harm being done.>>

I think you're not following the thread properly.  Some one else specifically 
raised the issue of model releases...I basically said that no matter how well 
you think you know someone, in my mind, particularly as it relates to 
underage, nude or quasi-nude models, it might be a nice thing to let them 
give you permission to show their photo on the internet.  

You may or may not disagree.  It's hard to tell because other than spew venom 
regarding "control" you never addressed the point.

<<Let the specific photographer alone. Let him do his thing.>>

I don't know Gerry.  I've seen his work.  He does good work.  I assume Gerry 
is a grown man.  I sense that you think I have the power to remotely control 
Gerry into doing things which I want him to do.  I assure you that I don't.  
The specific photographer in question decided to remove his photos and vow 
never ever ever to show his work on the LUG again.   Because he's been quiet 
on the issue, I'm not even sure why he specifically chose to act that way.  
But in any event, that's his choice.  As a grown man he can chose to share 
with the LUG or not.  But understand this, any photographer on the LUG can 
"do their thing," short of Brian throwing them off the list.   When LUG 
members publically post a photo or a thought, it leaves the thought or photo 
open for discussion, or in the case of folks like you, a complete lack of 
civility... but that's the risk we all take when we decide to stop lurking 
and start posting.

- -kim

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