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Subject: Re: [Leica] RF question from an SLR kind of guy
From: "Jeffery L.Smith" <>
Date: Mon, 09 Sep 2002 08:37:02 -0500

I get much better "wide open" performance from  my current lenses. I 
wouldn't even dare trying it with a Soligor SLR lens.

At 05:41 AM 9/9/02 -0700, you wrote:
>So, it is either minimum DOF or optimum lens performance?  You don't try to
>dial in the correct DOF for any given situation?  I guess since I shoot
>mainly close-up or medium distance things, I have a lot of DOF choices to
>make.  Close-up's are the most critical.  How much DOF do I need for that
>flower (as an example) to make it look good w/o making the background become
>distracting.  Or when I shoot a stream close up I will use f-22 with a
>polarizer and hyperfocal to get the largest DOF possible, even though
>performance is not optimal.  Also a slow shutter is required for the effect
>I want.
>I guess I don't see that as much different for "street" photography, but I
>see a lot of middle ground between wide open and f-8 hyperfocal.  I know
>from experience that I will need the lens to be  more open, or middle F-stop
>but to fine tune it the DOF button is handy.  5.6 or 8???  2.0 or 2.8????
>11 or 16???  I often can't make those subtle choices from experience, so
>then I might bracket f-stops if I am unsure.
>I admire you RF guys for this.
> >Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 09:53:20 -0500
> >From: Jeffery Smith <>
> >Subject: Re: [Leica] RF question from an SLR kind of guy
> >Message-ID: <>
> >References: <
> >
> >Since using a rangefinder, my DOF has become much shallower because the RF
> >lenses I have are, for the most part, better than my Nikon SLR lenses were.
> >I use the markings on the lens for some things, but I tend to shoot wide
> >open or nearly so for most subjects. My preference is to remove the
> >distractions in the background by throwing them into a sea of bokeh. When I
> >do want some background in focus, then I go for the optimum aperture (which
> >is usually f/8) and rely on hyperfocal settings.
> >
> >JLS
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