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Subject: RE: [Leica] Paw 35 - Yeah baby.
From: Jeffery Smith <>
Date: Sun, 08 Sep 2002 09:55:36 -0500
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I lost highlights with XP2 shot at 320. Many of the chess tournament images 
were shot with XP2 at E.I. 320, and I regret having done so. The skin tones 
were perfect, but the white chess pieces were blown out.  See:


At 04:37 PM 9/8/2002 +0200, Steve Unsworth wrote:
>I've recently tried using some XP2 - I'm going to Greece in a couple of
>weeks and was thinking of cutting down the development time by taking
>XP2 and having a local French 1 hour lab process the film without
>printing when I returned. So I exposed the film at 200 ASA and sent them
>in for processing. Result, loss of details in the highlights. Bad
>metering on my part? Anyway you should be able to see the results in a
>future PAW.
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>Whenever possible, I avoid UNDERexposure of those C41 B&W films. They
>terribly grainy underexposed. Try some at E.I. 320 if you want some nice
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