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Subject: [Leica] Leica questionaire
From: Craig Schroeder <>
Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2002 21:59:55 -0500

>Tell us what your subject matter is and how you'd like to approach
>photographing it. 

Varied duties as I'm assuming I'd be liquidating some things that are used sporadically and for specifics.  I find I'm doing more people pix of late and more spontaneous shots.  I'm planning photo outings less and tiring of the "production" of carrying medium format equipment on hikes, etc.  A 10# tripod by itself is tiring! 

>What film you'd use to do this with. Color neg, slide,
>black and white.

All of the above, but mostly b&w would be a good assumption.  Then slides and only a little color neg. with the Leicas.

>What you had for breakfast this morning and what you
>plan to have for dinner tonight. Do you think you'd prefer working 
>with mainly wide angles?

Muffin and tea.... smoked salmon this evening!  I thought that a 28 or 35 would serve my wide purposes and a 75 or 90 would serve well for that perspective.  My 35 slr use has been dominated by a 35/2 and a 85/1.8, so I was assuming I'd slip into that pattern with a rf?   Do you think this might change from your rf experience?

>Your opinions on meters in cameras or hand held.

I depend on an incident and sometimes a spot meter and almost never rely on my in camera metering.


Not critical


Not critical

I am trying to avoid second guessing my initial choice of lenses....  I'm just trying to do it right and realize I'm not apt to get a "klinker" in the newer offerings from Leitz but would like to feel I got the best option in each focal length.  I'm guessing that I would add a 50 at some point, too.  The M7 seems a bit more "normal" but I'm not averse to one of the older bodies, either.  If pressed for a quick decision, I'm likely to start with a 28 and a 90.  Mainly from being paranoid about needing the angle at times, but my shooting hasn't demanded that very often and my 35 gets lots of duty.

Craig Schroeder

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